Dynamic i18n for Angular.js

Simple to use Angular.js service & filter to be able to switch locale dynamically, with no need to do a full page refresh.

AngularJS use a multiple files approach to handle the internationalization. In that case, if you need to switch locale dynamically, you need a full page refresh to import the new locale file needed for the new language.

I want to share with you my approach on how I resolve the full page refresh using a custom filter and an angular service to handle the dictionary and the language switching.

Already using it?

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Step 1: is to write your own i18nDictionary angular service. This service is responsible to fetch/load the dictionary for a certain locale.
The only requirement, is that the result is a JSON object containing a list of KEY:VALUE pair.

Ex: {'myKey':'value1', 'my_Key2':'value2', 'my.key.3':'value3'};

In the repository, you'll find a i18nDictionary template example.

Step 2: Import the .JS files

  • i18nDynamic.js
  • i18nDynDictionary.js

Step 3: When creating your angular app, just add i18nDynamic as a dependency.

Step 4: Use the i18n filter in your template.

{{'hello.world' | i18n}}

setLocale(newLanguage): To switch to a new locale.
newLanguage: any language string as defined by i18n convention ex: 'en', 'fr-ca', 'es', ...

Don't forget that your i18nDynDictionary implementation need to be able to load/fetch dictionary for this locale.

Example to translate

Current language: {{language}}
Key Message
key1 {{"key1" | i18nDyn }}
key2 {{"key2" | i18nDyn }}
key3 {{"key3" | i18nDyn }}

AngularJS date filter unaltered

Date: {{1288323623006 | date:'longDate'}}

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